Monday, September 18, 2006


The Puyallup fair is on!

The Washington state fair at Puyallup (pronounced Pyu-ah-lup) was great. Alex & I spent 6 hours there, until it got too cold for the Asian to bear. :">

There are rides, food stalls, barns (horses, cows, sheeps, pigs, llamas, etc.), live music performances, rodeo shows, souvenir stalls, games, art exhibition, hobby collections (star wars, LOTR, batman, teddy bears, etc.), dog shows, and anything else you can imagine!
It was fantastically fun! :) So fun that I forget to take pictures (I always forget... :p)!
The fair goes on for a month! All these for just USD7 of entrance fee!

The sad part was Switchfoot, MercyMe, Carrie Underwood, and other famous bands made appearances last week! :( We only got to see some country rock & roll.
There were many native american stalls selling interesting handmade crafts, the famous Wayna was playing his flute-thing live. I got mom his cd, think she'll love it. :) The Quichua Mashis, a South American musical group were there too. I also got a cd from them, and even had their autographs!

I had a blast time. We were eating (while walking) most of the time. Heh~ So many interesting delicacies! My favourite is still the Funnel cake. YUM! Deep fried cake topped with frozen strawberries, whipped cream, and icing sugar. Slurp~

Oh SaiLou Benny, I'm heading back, and you're coming here? When will I get to see you, housemate!?!?

Saturday, September 16, 2006


Oh Autumn, we dont like you.....

Chandler was so dry that my skin cracked and it hurts too, oh boy. The dessert was what I had imagined..... but better. Giant cactuses are everywhere, some taller and fatter than me! The amazing part is how the US government turn a dessert into civilization, and by the years, the development keeps growing outward in area.... how people there live with all the comfort of utilities, technology & civilization. Anything you can find in Oregon or Washington, they have it in the middle of the DESSERT! Also, it's pretty how they kept the buildings as low as possible making the horizon so clear, the sky so broad and the land so far wide; the sun set is picture perfect!
Downside of it is I only got ot spend 2 days there. But work was superb. I got to meet many of whom I used to know only by names. It was a great and fruitful time spent discussing about work & what's related. I think it just made even more passionate about my job! (Wished I had more time there~)

Touched down in Hillsboro airport at 9am this morning, and it was cold. TOO COLD. Colder than I remembered. Have I gotten used to the sun and heat in the dessert that I forgot how pleasant it felt in the evergreens? Funny I see EVERYONE in their thick water-prove jackets. Oh Autumn.... you're here! We don't like you. Everyone complained about the rain......The COLD rain of the Northwest. BBBRRRrrrrrrrr~~~!

I got on the shuttle again at 5pm, and came up to Washington to spend the weekend with Alex & his friends/family. I got too bored of Oregon I guess..... There's nothing to do there except shopping (one activity which my Malaysian friends never get bored of~) I think I'm bored with 'tourist activities', and felt more like spending my weekend going for the movies, BBQ or hanging out at Rob's house.... :o making waffles and playing with Sunny! I think I'm home sick, and this is the closest to home I can find?

One more week. I'm sorry I'm not staying long, Autumn. And Summer, thanks for the great adventure!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


It's been 10 weeks plus......

.... since I set foot in this land of red, white & blue.

What have I done since the last update?
- Conference in San Jose, capital of Silicon Valley.

- Sight-seeing in California: San Francisco & Pebble Beach. (I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!)
- Shopping at Woodburn, Oregon.
- Met up friends from California, visited Lincoln City Beach at the Oregon Coast.
- Worked and am still working every day & night for the past 2 weeks. :( Tight project schedule & high demand/expectation.

Heading to dry-dessert of Chandler, Arizona tomorrow for 2 days.
1 and half more weeks and I'm outta here~ Can't wait!

Friday, August 25, 2006



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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Update update...

Aiyoh! The daily posting became weekly, and now monthly? Ops....

It's been real busy lately. Work is almost described as hectic.
I guess it came as a package of having to work with senior engineers who've been with the company for an average 10 years and on the most important project to the company now. It's a norm now to get difficult questions & challenges get thrown left and right at. On the brighter side, I'm learning a lot from them. :)

While most weekdays are spend on work (even at nights, meetings with Penang!) and the only highlight on weekdays are just food and "what-I-ate-for-lunch-and-dinner", weekends are usually filled with fun activities & sight-seeings.

I have had interesting weekends, thanks to our local tour guides; 2 weekends ago, Jani took us to the Oregon coasts around Newport & Depoe Bay and an amazing chinese seafood dinner! We even went to the Evergreen Aviation Museum which houses the biggest wodden aircraft in the world - The Spruce Goose.
Last weekend, Alex brought AJ & I around the scenic route of Cascade Loop to the east of Washington. Its amazing that just passing the mountains, the scenes changed from evergreen-salem to dessert-dry! Temperature, geographic landscape & plants are totally different! We made a stop at an interesting Bavarian town called Leavenworth! The next day, we took the ferry to San Juan Island; and was lucky enough for a few seconds of whales watching! *jeng jeng jeng*.......for dinner, we went to an interesting gay restaurant in Seattle :O where we had an amazing dinner (SO YUMMY!) and interesting surrounding as well; eye opener I'd say. *wink wink*

Oh, we went to a fancy steak house in Tacoma on Friday night; and I had a steak for $42!!!! But it was grilled to perfection! The medium rare is BEYOND imagination. The mashed potatoes - so fluffy and soft.... But not spending a single cent for 2 days before that helped paid for the bill. *grin*

CV is here in Oregon. *jumps with joy* She reached yesterday; on urgent request to resource for the same project. I was counting yesterday; and half of our team (seven out of fourteen) from Penang is in the US, however 3 in Folsom. We had dinner together to celebrate for Jani's birthday at his fav sushi house. So much fun, so much laughter and so much sampat-ness!!!!! Lem0n, I just had the most delicious sushi in my life. (I'm sorry, I told you my weekday highlights are usually only food!) And when I have jap, I think of no one else but you. Heh.
I shouldn't blog on weekdays. They're all about food....but it's definitely more interesting than my tedious work ma. :p

I miss home. I miss my family so much. 1 more month. *looking forward!*

If I go MIA again, it's because we're leaving Oregon this Friday to San Jose, CA for an annual Intel conference for a week.

Sunday, August 20, 2006


Loving weekends

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My First Footie Game!

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What people say

People say.... "Humans are often unhappy with what they have, and grass always look greener on the other side."
I agree with 'people'.
Everyone envies this opportunity I have to come to the US for 3 months. Everyone is happy for me. :)
I wont deny that I am indeed blessed. But I just got too homesick and its getting worse. I think of things I'm missing back home.... convocation, get-togethers & birthdays.
It's affecting me quite seriously... I'd get tired of my day easily..... even when we're visiting interesting places & eating nice/new stuffs.

I hope I get over it soon.

5 more weeks.... *counting down*

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